Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mahabharath !! Vidura’s marriage !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

King Pandu brought enormous wealth after winning over the battles with the neighboring countries; this wealth was reverentially handed to Bhishma Pithamaha and Sathyavati.   It was fairly distributed to the members of Kurus:  Drushtharashtra, Ambika , Ambalika and Vidura.   Ambalika embraced Pandu with lots of affection and shed tears of joy at the victory of her son.    Durtharashtra conducted a grand Yaga’s equivalent to Ashwamedha Yaga with the wealth he received from his dearest brother, on this occasion he has donated abundance of alms in the form of golden coins to the Vedic Brahmins.  The Kingdom of Hasthinapur and its people praised the glories of King Pandu.  The people of Hasthinapur lived a happy and prosperous life.


It was the collective decision to send King Pandu and his wives Kunthi and Madhri for recreation to the woodlands, in order to alleviate from the physical and mental weariness caused by the prolonged battle with the neighboring countries.  This couple prepared to leave comforts and luxuries of the palace.   They proceeded to woodlands, constructed a beautiful hermitage in the lush land of Sala tree in the Himalayas.  King pandu merrily wandered through the rich lush land like Airavatha with his wives Kunthi and Madhri.  King Pandu cheerfully chased deer’s, the people resided in the forest thought that it was not an ordinary human but deity from the celestial world.   Drutharashtra made all the arrangements to send the requirements for King Pandu and his wives.



In the meantime, Bhishma came to know about the beautiful daughter of King Devaka who was born to a Shudra woman.  Bhishma visited the Kingdom of King Devaka and informed the purpose of his visit to receive his gorgeous daughter’s hand for Vidur, chief of the Assembly of Kurus.    The marriage of Vidur with the daughter of King Devaka was performed according to the prescribed rules.   This couple blessed with virtuous and intelligent offspring’s, they were the mirror image of Vidur. 


Jai Sriman Narayana !!