Thursday, 26 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Grief of Yudhishtira !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “A massive crowd of People of Varanavarth assembled in search of sons of Pandu, witnessed the gigantic fire in the Palace, shortly they realized that the palace was made out of wax and other inflammable materials constructed by Purochan by the command of deceitful plan of Duryodhana, after a long struggle to put off the fire they found that Purochan and his family was killed in the fire accident.  The people of Varanavarth echoed that it was the plan of wicked Duryodhana to kill the sons of Pandu,  it must be a wisely conceived plan of Duryodhana and Dhrutharashtra to kill the Pandavas, or Dhrutharashtra must have opposed the treacherous plan of his son.  They also suspected that the Bhishmacharya son of King Shanthanu, Dronacharya, Vidura, Krupacharya and other responsible members of the Kouravas were failed to perform their responsibilities.  Ultimately the people of Varanavarth decided to convey a message to King Dhrutharashtra commenting ‘Your irrepressible desire has come true! You have burnt Pandavas to death!’.
Later, it was decided to conduct rigorous search for the bodies of Pandavas.  They found the mortals of Nishadha woman and her five children.  The man who was appointed for the construction of tunnel by Vidura furtively removed the ashes from its place and crammed the tunnel with it.  The people of Varanavarth duly conveyed the depressing message about the death of Pandavas and Purochan to Dhrutharashtra.  The King Dhrutharashtra was devastated at the misfortune of Pandavas, he became inconsolable and spoke “It is definite that the memorable brother of mine and King Pandu must have met his death today after listening to the loss of five warriors and their mother in the fire accident.  Oh! Sons, hurry to Varanavarth and perform the final rite for the great warriors, sons of Pandu and daughter of King Kunthibhojan.  Bring the remnants of the mortal in Hasthinapur and perform appropriate rites.  Let the relatives and friends of deceased go to Varanavarth and perform those entire rites for Pandavas and Kunthi immediately.”
Dhrutharashtra, son of Ambika was assembled with relatives and sons, he performed ceremonial bath for the Pandavas.  The people of Hasthinapur were grief-stricken, cried their heart out calling the names of sons of Pandu and Kunthi, ‘ Oh! Yudhishtira, King of Kuru Dynasty’, ‘Oh! Bhima, Oh! Phalguna’,  ‘ Oh! Nakula & Sahadeva’, ‘Oh! Kunthi’.  They took ceremonial bath for the deceased and the entire Hasthinapur wept for the Pandavas.  But, Vidura who was aware of the truth was remained calm.
In the meantime,  Pandavas, the glorious warriors with their mother safely arrived at a place far from Varanavarth situated on the other side of river Ganga, due to the favorable weather conditions and the skill of ferry man.  Immediately, they deserted the ferry went inside the dense forest in the moon light.   Oh! King Janamejaya, ultimately they arrived in the middle of an impassable forest.  They were extremely tired of hunger, thirst and sleeplessness.    Yudhishtira spoke to Bhima “What else could be painful other than this destitution?  We are in the middle of dense forest. We are utterly miserable without the knowledge of routes.  We are unaware about the news of wicked Purochan.  How did we protect ourselves from the sight of others? Oh! Bhima, you are the powerful and fast amongst us, so carry us on your shoulder and precede the journey.  Bhima carried his mother on his shoulder, brothers on his arms and waist after listening to Yudhishtira and continued their journey promptly.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Pandvas arrival on the other side of river Ganga !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “In the meantime, Vidura who was highly intellectual and extremely vigilant was aware of the deceitful plan of Duryodhana, send a virtuous and faithful servant to the woodland in search of Pandavas.  He met Pandavas along with their mother in a particular place in the middle of the dense forest, where Pandavas were observing the depth of Ganga.  The man arrived on the banks of Ganga with a fully equipped ferry and informed Pandavas.  The ferry was built with efficient means capable to survive at any circumstances and in any climatic conditions.  The ferry man wanted to reveal his identify as the sincere servant of Vidura appointed by him, ferry man spoke “Oh! Yudhishtira, I was assigned by the scholarly Vidura, he wanted to narrate the following words to you to prove my identity.  Who eat straws/Lord Agni, who melts the snow/Lord Surya cannot burn the creature/mice living in a hollow in the woodland, and whoever has the knowledge of the same will protect themselves from the evils.  Kindly accept me as the sincere servant send by Vidura.  Oh! Son of Kunthi, Vidura wanted to convey a message to you, that you will definitely conquer Karna, Duryodhana and his brothers & his uncle Shakuni in the battle.  This ferry is eagerly waiting for you and will help you to leave this part of area.”   The ferry man took Pandavas and their mother in to his boat; they were extremely depressed at the dreadful happenings.  Ultimately, the ferry crossed the vast ocean of life Ganga and safely arrived on the other side.  The ferry man bade farewell to them by pronouncing ‘Victories to all’ and returned to his place.
The honorable sons of Pandu conveyed their message to Vidura and quickly preceded further deep into the woodlands.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Bhima set fire to the Palace of Wax !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “ Purochan was extremely delightful to watch Pandavas living peacefully with no apprehension about the Palace of Wax for an year, in this way Purochana was completely bamboozled by Pandavas.  The righteous Yudhishtira spoke to Bhima, Arjun, Nakula & Sahadeva ’  I think the appropriate time has arrived to get away from this Palace of Wax, devious Purochan was completely duped by us.  We will set fire on the store house of armaments and the living place of Purochan, and at that moment we six people can easily flee from this place without anyone’s knowledge.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Oh! King Janamejaya, one day night a mass feast was organized by Kunthi and fed number of Brahmins and their families.  It was a grand occasion; many families and women were arrived and took great pleasure in that grand feast, eventually returned to their homes.  It was the absolute game of fate; one Nishadha/hunter woman who was travelling with her five children arrived to attend the feast, they very much enjoyed the feast and lost their conscious due to the excessive consumption of intoxicated drinks.  Eventually, Nishadha woman and her five children were drifted to sound sleep.  In those dark hours, a tumultuous storm broke out while people inside the palace were fast asleep.  Bhima set fire to the house where Purochana was living with his family, then the grand doors of the palace and various places of the Palace was caught in huge fire.  The valorous sons of Pandu, destroyer of enemies watched the mammoth sized fire engulfed the Palace and heaved a sigh of relief.   In no time, they entered in the mouth of the tunnel to find their ways out.  The people of Varanavarth got out from their sound sleep witnessing the giant fire gulping down the Palace of Wax.  They were sunk into deep grief and spoke “It was the disruptive plan of Purochan at the instruction of his evil master Duryodhana, he constructed a palace of wax with an depraved intention to kill the relatives of Duryodhana.  It’s shameful to watch the selfish and merciless act of Dhrutharashtra, he always treated sinless sons of Pandu as his enemy and burnt them into ashes.   It’s painful to watch the righteous and sinless sons of Pandu die in the gigantic fire; it was the fate that killed the callous Purochan too.”
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “  The people of Varanavarth were inconsolable, sunk into unfathomable sorrow at the untoward happenings to Pandavas.  They cried their out heart out watching the colossal fire.  In the meantime, Pandavas safely got out of the tunnel with their mother Kunthi and disappeared into the woodlands.  They were tired of sleeplessness and extreme fright could not keep a good pace of their journey.  At this moment, Bhima took all his brothers and mother on his shoulder and flee to the woods.  Vrukodhar/Bhima who has powerful arms, carried his mother on his shoulder, two younger brothers Nakula and Sahadeva on his waist, Arjun and Yudhishtira on his arms and moved like a wind through the woods, on his way he thrashed down the huge trees with his chest and embossed foot print created hollow on the Earth.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Construction of tunnel inside the Palace of Wax !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Oh! King Janamejaya, one of the experts in the construction of passageways and friend of Vidura approached Pandavas in loneliness and spoke “I am experienced in the construction of tunnels was send by Vidura.  I would like to offer my sincere service to you.  Kindly educate me what I should  do?  Vidura has intense faith in me, it was one of the reasons he instructed me to help Pandavas and assist Yudhishtira in the construction of passageway.  It was preplanned by Purochan to set fire on the entrance of this palace in the dark hours of Amavasya on a Chathurthi day.   This deceitful plot was conceived by sinful Duryodhana, son of Drutharashtra to kill Pandavas along with their mother Kunthi.  Oh! son of Pandu, I have understood that Vidura spoke about the treacherous plan in an outcaste language/mlecha and you have answered him in the same slang.  I have mentioned the above words with a sincere intention to obtain your trust.”
The righteous Yudhishtira, son of Kunthi who always speaks the truth started to pronounce after listening to Kankan, “Oh! Virtuous one, I know you as an affectionate and trustworthy friend of Vidura,  I know you are faithful to Vidura who is aware of all that happenings.  You will be treated as close associate of us now onwards and serve us in the same manner as you do to Vidura, never differentiate us from Vidura.  We will treat you in the same way as we do to Vidura and protect us from the evils like Vidura.  This palace was constructed by Purochan at the evil command of Duryodhana, who is having all those wealth and evil associates to haunt us.  Kindly provide us your sincere assistance and protect us from the death in the wildfire, the wicked plan of Duryodhana should not be successful.  This palace was constructed close to his stockroom of armaments and ammunition; it has huge walls with no escape route.  Vidura was well aware of the treacherous plans of Duryodhana from its beginning and duly informed us.  Kshathri/Vidura has given plentiful instructions and information about the same and warned us.  You should work without the knowledge of Purochan who is vigilant and cautiously waiting at the entrance of this palace.”  Kankan cordially replied “So let it shall be “.  Shortly, a huge tunnel was constructed inside the palace; it has the mouth at the center of the palace that was skillfully covered with the wooden planks which was not possible to recognize easily for Purochan who was always watchful.  Pandavas were vigilant at all times with their armaments, they slept with their weapons.  They travelled through the woodlands and conducted hunting expedition in the day hours.  Oh! King Janamejaya, they pretended that they have absolute faith in Purochan though they least believed in him.  In this way, they lived safely in the Palace of Wax.  None of the people of Varanavarth was aware of the plans of Pandavas.  It was Kankan, who was the faithful associate of Vidura was aware about the proceedings of Pandavas.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!