Friday, 28 March 2014

Vanaparvam !! Grandeur of Pushkar !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sage Pulastya narrates the splendor of one of the sacred lands on Earth Pushkar to Bhishmacharya ‘Oh! Righteous and austere Bhishma, I am highly pleased at your humility, cordiality and honesty which you have attained from your ancestors. Oh! Sinless son, you have found me due to the righteousness & honorableness in you.   Bhishma, I am observing the things happenings around me, what do you want from me? Oh! Sinless & superior amongst the Kurus I am ready to provide whatever you desire.”


Bhishmacharya graciously answered “Oh! Generous & highly revered by three worlds, I am extremely happy to know that you are pleased about my mannerism; furthermore I will treat that I have attained your presence due to the highest of the pieties obtained.  Oh! Righteous one, if I am eligible to seek your advice, I may ask you to clarify my doubts.    I have some doubts related to the sacred places on Earth.  Oh! Equivalent to deities, I would like to hear more about the sacred places and the devoutness of visiting these places.”

Sage Pulastya replied “Oh! Sinless son, Listen to me carefully about the devoutness of the sacred places on Earth, which is the only asylum for the Saints and holy men.  Who has absolute control over their sense, actions, intelligence & wisdom, austerity, will enjoy the fruit of sacred places.  A sinless, egoless and who does not rely on contributions and harmonious will have the merits of visiting sacred places.  Whoever remains sinless and perform their duties and live without any expectation, who does not consume food excessively, who has perfect control over sense and abstain from all sinful deeds will definitely enjoy the fruit of sacred places.”


“Oh! Bhishma, Who has perfect control over his anger, who leads righteous and honest life, who undergo austerities, who finds equality in all living beings will enjoy the fruit of sacred places.  Vedas compiled by the revered sages proclaims the devoutness of fire sacrifices in it.  The fire sacrifices require abundance of resources and meticulous attention not possible for a poor person to perform that is the reason it was performed by the King or wealthiest people.  Oh! Valiant amongst the warriors, I will narrate you about the ways to attain all those devoutness to a poor person who is not capable to perform any sacrifices or who has no friends or relatives or family.”


Sage Pulastya continued “Oh! Supreme among the Bharatha clan, these sacred places provides abundance of pieties to the worshipper as it is the asylum of the Rishis & Sages who attained eternal wisdom, thus it serves the worshipper highest of merits of fire sacrifices.  If a person visit the sacred places with utmost devotion attains highest of pieties, than an individual who pays visit to the sacred land and was not capable to undergo austerities, or who has no capacity to offer charities in the form of cow and gold coins, or someone who performs Agnisthoma/fire sacrifices or any other sacrifices and offer charities and abundance of alms.  There is a sacred land on Earth where the Supreme Lord Shiva who is venerated by all the three worlds is positioned in Pushkar.  Whoever visits this sacred place Pushkar would attain the tremendous merit equivalent to the Supreme Lord.  The holy pond situated on this sacred land is the convergence of all sacred rivers at the time of early hours of dawn/Brahmamuhurtham , mid of noon and the time of sun set/Sandhya.  Oh! Righteous Bhishma, the holy pond of Pushkar is the dwelling place of Adityas, Ashta Vasus, Rudras, Maruthganas, Gandharvas and Apasaras.  This is the sacred place where the Deities, Dhaithyas and Brahmarishis underwent severe austerities and attained their marvelous status as deities.  Oh! Bhishma, remembering this sacred land on Earth would bring abundance of devoutness in one’s life; it eradicates all the sins committed and provides salvation.  This is the sacred land on Earth where Lord Brahma/ Pithamaha was delightfully resided.   Whoever devoted their life in the worship of deities and performance of homage to ancestors’ and undergoes austerities and holy dip in the pond would attain ten times of pieties of performance of an Ashwamedha Yaga.  Whoever offer food to a Brahmin on this sacred land would remain delightful in all through their life”. 


Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Kanika’s explanation about war tactics !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates to King Janamejaya about the conversation took place between Kanika & King Drutharashtra.  Kanika continued, “Oh! King, if you really aspire for your well being,   you should not hesitate or show mercy or feel guilty to kill your opponent whether he is your son or friend or brother or father or Mentor.  An opponent should be killed either with the power of black magic, or wealth or by inducing poison or any other deceitful means.  An opponent should not be ignored at any circumstances.  When two equal forces meet, who is determined and diligent will win.  An individual, who has no knowledge to differentiate good or evil, ultimately chooses immoral path will deserve severe punishment; even a mentor who follows the immoral ways also deserves punishment.  You should have a smile on your face at all times even if you are under wrath; you should not express your anger and should be talented to hide your emotions from others.  Oh! Bharatha, you should speak gently to your opponent before and while attacking him, speak to him sympathetically immediately after the attack, even shed tears of sorrow for him.  You calm down your opponent by providing him abundance of wealth or apply discreet means to have peace with him and patiently look for an opportunity to defeat him at the right time, do not show any kind of mercy on your opponent burn them into ashes and never permit beggars, thieves and atheist to settle in your Kingdom.  You should brutally kill your opponent by utilizing wealth, power or any deceitful method, while you trample down your opponent don’t allow him to succeed.  If your opponent is too powerful, he will uproot you if you are not well prepared; do not trust the ungrateful and grateful as well. You should thoroughly examine a person’s faith and distrust before appoint him as a spy.  You should have spies in eighteen prominent places such as gardens, arenas, temples, place where chief of ministers & ministers of assembly resides, residential areas, place where chief of army resides, treasurer, clubs & Entertainment places, streets, forest areas, Yajna arenas, etc..  You should have a sweet tongue and rock hard heart; you should have sweet talk while occupied in appalling deeds.  If you prostrate before someone you should be loyal and desirable to them, whoever follow morality and integrity will be worshipped by everyone.  Righteousness and wickedness are mutually assorted, you have to choose the righteousness and discard the wickedness, honorable lives a restricted life without wealth, wealthiest people who has no virtues lives a life without happiness.  You follow the path to remain griefless, leave your jealous, ego and pride, and perform your duties and responsibility with utmost dedication.  You must discuss your problems with intellectuals and Brahmins, seek their advises and listen to them carefully.  If you have faced failure in any attempt, don’t remain motionless; put all your efforts to regain your strength.  You should listen to the most inspiring legend of great heroes ( Nala & Damayanthi, Harischandra &Chandramathi, Lord Rama & Goddess Sita).  A brokenhearted person should be optimistic and look forward of bright future.  At the time of misery an intelligent person recollects his achievements he had made so far.   A person who acts imprecisely after entering a peace treaty with his opponent will fall down at any moment".
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Kanika’s Law – Story of a wicked Jackal!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates, King Drutharashtra was extremely anxious after witnessing the valorous nature of son’s of Pandu.  Shortly King Drutharashtra summoned to Kanika who is the senior personnel from the ministers of assembly of Kingdom of Hasthinapur, expert advisor to the King and proficient in Rajaneeti / internal as well as external affairs of the Kingdom.  King Drutharashtra spoke “Oh! Greatest among the Brahmins, I am too resentful at the splendors of Pandvas, they are revealing their supremacy on this land with their extreme proficiency.  Should I be in peace with them? Or Should I fight against them? I need your expert advice on this topic and will sincerely follow your opinion.”  Kanika listened to the harsh words of Drutharashtra and replied ‘ Oh! Sinless King and prominent amongst Kurus listen to my words carefully, you may get agitated at my opinion.  The rulers should have their mace ready on their raised broad shoulders at all times to fight against their opponent at any time.  They should strive twofold to build their powers, so that the rulers of neighboring countries will have an uneasiness to fight against, he should not expose his anxieties in open, clever enough to keep an eye on the activities of his opponent and find out their weaknesses.  A ruler should keep himself protected all his activities and its results, anxieties etc…  under the tight shield like a tortoise, he should be successful in hiding all his fears, the initiated task should be completed successfully; an evil grass should not spoil the entire crop.  Your enemies and evil doers always deserve punishment.   If the opponent is too fearless, you should wait for his terrible times and destroy him without any second thought or guilt.  Oh! King do not condemn your opponent publicly, a spark of fire is to engulf the entire forest.  A clever ruler should act as blind and deaf at times.  If a ruler is not capable to punish his rival or find no mistakes in his opponent that deserves punishment, he should act as a blind and remain ready to act /cautious always, just like a deer in woodland.  You can kill your opponent while he is in your command or kill him publicly without any mercy.  You can kill your opponent or the person who hurt you by spending abundance of wealth, so that you can remain protected and peaceful.  You can defeat your opponent with the inborn skills; prowess, knowledge in armaments, with the strength of army etc…uproot your opponent and destroy his closest associations, faithful servants and friends just like rip opened the root of a tree which cannot survive with its stem or branches.  Keep all your activities and decisions under wrap; closely watch the anxieties and failures of your opponent. Oh! King you should rule your Kingdom wisely keeping an close eye on your opponent, engage yourself in performing Yagas/Yagnas/ fire sacrifices and follow strict austerities and act like a true ascetic in that way acquire the confidence of your opponent, once you attained the complete trust of your opponent, attack him like a jackal.  It’s fair to adopt the attire of an ascetic for accumulating wealth as the same way used for plucking good fruits from the trees.  It’s advisable to carry your opponent on your shoulder always until his worst time appears before you, so that you can fling him on the ground at his worst time like tossing mud pot on the ground.  You should not leave your opponent unscathed, you should kill him mercilessly.  You should not spare your opponent at any reason, he should be killed either by the force of your army or creating mistrust in his associates or spending wealth.”


Drutharashtra enquired Kanika “You have briefly explained how to vanquish my opponent with peace, strength of men of army, wealth and creating mistrust amongst his associates, I would like to listen more about the above tactics.”


Kanika narrates the story of cleverness of a Jackal lived in the wild in the company of a tiger, mouse, wolf and a mongoose.   One day they witnessed a young and healthy deer that was the leader of the herd, though the wicked Jackal and his friends chased the deer, they could not get their hands on it due to its swiftness.  The clever Jackal addressed his companions with an evil idea; mouse should injure the feet of the deer while it’s fast asleep and tiger should chase it and seize it, ultimately the feast will be shared amongst the friends according to their needs.  As instructed the prey was killed and brought before the Jackal, rests of the animals were gone for ablutions leaving the feast before Jackal who was the intelligent one amongst crowd.  It was tiger returned from ablutions and saw the Jackal under deep meditation, tiger invited his friend to have pleasure on their feast, but Jackal refused to touch it and lied it was mouse who hunted the deer wanted to have initial share on the feast, Tiger was annoyed by the inconsiderate words of Jackal and left the place with a promise that it will hunt its prey by its might.  The next came mouse, Jackal told him that the Mongoose said the feast is venomous because it was caught with the claws of tiger, also lied that Mongoose is ready to make feast on mouse, abruptly mouse disappeared into a furrow.  Then came the wolf after ablutions, Jackal lied that the King of beasts Tiger left the place very angrily and will be back with its female companion at any time by now, though the wolf has love for flesh, it left the place abruptly.  Finally, Mongoose approached the greedy Jackal with a desire to have a share on the flesh, but Jackal lied to Mangoose that he was defeated his companions with the might of his arms and challenged for a fight to have a share on meat.  Mangoose believed it was for real and escaped from the scene.   Finally, the clever Jackal ate the whole fresh flesh at its heart content.  Kanika advised King Dhrutharashtra  “ A King should act intelligently at all circumstances like a Jackal, so that he can live a happy life by intimidating the powerless opponent and infuse fear in them,  keeping peace with the fearless opponent,  provide abundance of wealth to a greedy opponent,  utilize power & valor on the inferior opponent, so that you can have complete control over your opponent.  Oh! Sinless King!  Carefully listen to what I have to comment.”

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Grief of Drutharashtra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrated, it was after the completion of a year, Dhrutharashtra appointed Pandu’s son Yudhishtira as the crown prince of Hasthinapur.  Dhrushtharashtra was highly impressed with the virtues of Yudhishitra for his uprightness, prowess, compassion, patience, confidence, devotion, honesty and sincerity.  Yudhishtira Son of Kunthi, proved his proficiency, responsibility and morality within a short span of time.  Bhima/Vrukodhar continued to learn lessons on sword fight, chariot fight and Mace fight from Sangharshana/Balarama and attained immense force and expanded the army.  Arjuna attained immense proficiency in archery with his powerful clutch, power of concentration, effortless movements and knowledge in related weapons like Kshoora, Narasa, Pala, Vipatha, etc. .made Dronacharya affirms that there was no one in the Universe to outshine Arjuna. 


One day Dronacharya appeared before his disciple and spoke to Arjuna “Sage Agastya had a disciple Agnivesha who was trained in armaments was Mentor of mine.  I have attained immense knowledge in the usage of arms and attained the fierce weapon Brahmashirass which has that power to engulf the universe.  It has been a practice to transfer this powerful weapon to the disciple in a row.  While I was receiving this divine weapon from my Mentor, he advised me not to use this weapon upon any human or inferior or powerless.  Oh! Greatest among the warriors, you have attained the divine weapon which is impossible to acquire and follow the instructions of Sage Agnivesha.  You should give a promise to me and provide Guru Dakshina in front of your brothers and relatives.’  Arjuna enthusiastically promised Dronacharya that he would be always at the service of his mentor. Dronacharya spoke ‘Oh! Sinless Arjuna, you should fight against me in the battlefield whenever it requires.’  Arjuna reverentially greeted his Acharya and prostrated before him.


Dhanajaya surpassed everyone in sword fight, mace fight, chariot fight and archery.  Sahadeva attained profound knowledge in Sastra from Sage Bruhaspathi, Acharya of deities and amicably served his elder brothers.  Nakula who was adorable to his elder brothers, excelled in chariot fight and shined as a great warrior under the guidance of Dronacharya.  Arjuna conquered the unfeasible Yavanas, Jayadratha as their chief who was proven unbeatable for long, also defeated the arrogant and powerful warriors Vipula, Dattamitra, Sumitran and Dhanajayan.   Arjun with the assistance of Bhima fought against the Kings of neighboring cities and brought under the ruler ship of Hasthinapur, eventually these neighboring cities had to pay heavy tax to Kurus.  In this way, Pandavas proved their skills to the whole world, attained immense victory and expanded the city of Hasthinapur.   King Dhrutharahstra felt uneasy after witnessing the prowess of Pandavas, his respect towards them turned out envious and was completely devastated.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Drupada was captured by Arjun !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates,  Dronacharya after witnessing the proficiency of Pandavas and Kauravas in the science of armaments, decided that it is the appropriate time to ask for Guru Dakshina/tuition fee from his disciples.  One day Dronacharya ordered all his disciples to be present before him and commanded to battle against the mighty King Drupada of Panchala, detain him and produce before Dronacharya that would be the tuition fee of Pandavas and Kauravas to their Mentor.  The disciples obediently agreed to the demand of their Mentor and hastily left on their chariot.


Duryodhana, Karna, Yuyutsu, Dusshasana, Vikarna, Jalasandhan, Sulochanan and the great warriors of Kauravas mounted on marvelous chariots and preceded through the Kingdom of Panchala, they brutally killed the people of Panchala.  They majestically moved through the streets of Panchala and entered into the capital city.  King of Panchala heard of the thunderous noises of warriors and chariots, he came out of the palace with his brothers. King Yajyasensa/Drupada was the greatest amongst the warriors had huge army of men, the warriors of Kuru showered arrows on their opponent.  King Yajyasena mounted on his enthralling chariot, appeared before the warriors of Kurus and created frontier of arrows encircling them.


Arjuna noticed the attention seeking attitude of Kauravas who were pompously treated themselves as the greatest among the warriors.    Arjuna met Dronacharya before the war took place against King Drupada and sought permission of his mentor to allow the Kauravas to show their proficiency before Pandavas.  It was evident to Arjuna that King Drupada, a greatest warrior is not an easy victim for the Kauravas.  The sinless Arjuna with his brothers stayed outside the city of Panchala waiting for their opportunity to enter in a battle against King Drupada.  In the meantime, Drupada poured arrows upon the men of the army of Kauravas and he effortlessly moved amidst the enemies.  Though Drupada was all alone fought against the Kauravas, it seemed like several Drupadas in the battle field fighting against the Kauravas.  The various divine instruments like Conch, drums, flute reverberated in the house holders of Panchala.  King Drupada roared like a lion against his enemies and his bow created enormous echoes.   Duryodhana, Vikarna, Subhahu, Dheergalochana, Dusshasana showered rain of arrows against Drupada.  But, son of Prishta/Drupada was extremely proficient in the science of armaments;  though he was pierced by the shower of arrows, retaliated  the enemies Duryodhana, Vikarna, Karna and various warriors, they could not withstand the  colossal power of Drupada.  The Kauravas were trampled under the hammering of arrows.  The entire citizens of Panchala entered into the battle field and attacked the Kauravas.  Hence, Kauravas left the battlefield abruptly and rushed back to Pandavas seeking their help.


Pandavas felt sympathy on Kauravas who were terribly wounded in the battlefield, Pandavas prostrated before Dronacharya and enthusiastically mounted on their chariot.  Arjuna proceeded in the battlefield after giving instruction to his elder brother Yudhishtira.  Madri’s two sons Nakula and Sahadeva were assigned to protect the chariot of Arjuna.   Bhima was settled in his chariot and vigorously fighting with his mace against his opponents.  The sinless Arjuna with his brothers hurried through the roaring enemies, his chariot made deafening noises in the battlefield.  Bhima who has powerful arms had the resemblance of Lord Yama, he energetically dashed through army of elephants of Panchala, like a roaring sea with its maddening waves.  Arjuna with his powerful arms attacked his opponents.   Bhima vigorously attacked the elephants with his mace, hammered them and killed them.  In this way, Pandavas brutally killed thousands of elephants, horses and several warriors from the chariots.  Bhima/Vrukodhar hastily killed thousands of warriors, elephants and destroyed their chariots with his powerful mace effortlessly like a shepherd with a stick on his hand channeling his cattle.  Phalgun/Arjun who always desired to do good to his mentor Drona, son of Bharadhwaja showered rain of arrows on Drupadha and forced to him hurled down from the elephant he was mounted.  Arjuna was resembled wild blaze appears at the end of Yuga, destroyed several horses, elephants, chariots and army of Drupada.   He had to oppose Arjuna with various kinds of fierce weapons; it was a vicious battle between the Pandavas and Drupada.  Arjuna poured rain of arrows upon the enemies, the people around him amazed at his skill, once again Arjuna proved his proficiency in the usage of weapons.  King Drupada, with his chief of warrior Sathyajith hurried to Arjuna, like Shambarasura against the supreme Lord.  Instantly King Drupada disappeared in the downpour of arrows of Arjuna, but Sathyajith realized the dangerous situation and whizzed against Arjuna, the vicious battled continued between the two.   At the end, Sathyajith retired from the battle field, leaving Drupada singlehandedly to fight against the Pandavas, and finally Drupada was captured by Arjuna.  Soon, the army of Panchala withdrawn from the battle field and flee to different directions.  Arjuna advised Bhima not to kill the warriors of King Drupada who was closely associated with Dronacharya.  Furthermore, their sole intention was to fulfill the desires of their Mentor, that was capture King Drupada alive and present before their Master as Guru Dakshina.


Rishi Vaishampayana continued, Bhimasena was enthusiastically battling with his opponents, had to stop the brutal fight after listening to Arjuna, eventually Drupada was displayed before Dronacharya.   Drupada was detained as powerless and completely lost his charm and glories, under the tight security of warriors.   Dronacharya proudly declared that Drupada had lost his capital and his Kingdom.  Dronacharya said ‘Oh! The great King, don’t worry about your life. We Brahmins always forgive our opponent.   My deepest concern and affection for you remains the same as we had spent childhood days in the hermitage. I dearly wish for your friendship once again.  I am prepared to share half of the Kindgom with you.  As you have mentioned earlier, an ordinary person cannot be a friend of King I am ready to offer half of the Kingdom situated on the south of Bhageerathi/Ganga/Kampilya to you and you can rule the city of Kampilya wisely.  The Kingdom situated on the north of Bageerathi/Panchala would remain under my regime.  Oh! Panchala, do you wish to accept me as your associate?  I will remain your sincere friend always.’


Later, Drupada was released from the custody and returned to Kampilya with great respect and honor.  Drupada took in charge of the Kingdom Kampilya/South of Panchala situated on the river banks of Ganga.  He realized that he cannot win over Dronacharya merely with the might of a Kshatriya, he has to attain power of Brahmam/power of soul.  He eagerly wished to have a son to crush the ego of Dronacharya and wandered all over.  In the meantime Dronacharya settled in Ahichathrapuri/north of Panchala.   Rishi Vaishmpayana concluded, thus Dronacharya attained the Kingdom Ahichathrapuri by the valor of Arjuna.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mahabharath !! Lineage of Daksha Prajapathi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

·        Daskha Prajapathi was born out of right thumb of Lord Brahma


·        Daksha Prajapathi had thousand sons & fifty daughters



·        Thirteen daughters were married to Sage Kashyapa


·        Sage Kashyapa & his first wife had sons Lord Indra and Vivaswan



·        Vivaswan had two sons Manu/the father of human race and Lord Yama


·        Human race such as Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras are the descends of Manu & 10 sons Ven, Dhrishnu, Narishyant, Nabhag, Ikshvaku, Karush, Sharyati, Ila Kanya, Prishadhara & Nabhagarishti.



·        Ila Kanya had a son Pururava


·        Pururava and Urvashi/celestial dancer had six sons, Ayu, Dheeman, Amavasu, Dridhayu, Vanayu and Shatayu.



·        Ayu and Swarbhanavi had five sons, Nahush, Vridhasharma, Raji, Gaya, Anena


·        Nahush had six sons , Yati/ascetic,  King Yayati, Sanyati, Aayati, Ayati and Dhruva


Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Rivalry between Bhima & Duryodhana!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana continued, an elderly man with panic stricken face, excessive perspiration hurried to the pavilion, he was resembled Athirathan/Charioteer, his upper clothes were misplaced, he  was feebly walked towards the arena with the support of a stick.  Instantly, Karna who was just declared as King of Anga rushed on his feet to the elderly person and prostrated before him.  The elderly person nervously looked around; he embraced Karna addressing him ‘Oh! My dear son’ and shed tears of joy.  Bhima observed the entire happenings and realized the fact that Karna was none other than the son of a Charioteer.  Bhima openly poured out ruthless words against Karna who was from the inferior clan born to a charioteer, hence he does not deserve to be crowned as the King of Anga or die in the hands of Partha of superior clan.  Further, he callously   informed him to pick up the reins of the horses the very own work of a charioteer, a dog has no right to consume the ghee which is kept to offer in the fire sacrifice, just like he has no capabilities to rule the Kingdom of Anga.  Karna was deeply hurt by the unsympathetic words of Bhima, he dejectedly looked up on the sky.    Duryodhana violently raised from the middle of his brothers, he screamed at Bhima ‘ Oh ! Vrukodhar, It is not good for you to speak rudely about Karna.  Prowess is the might of a Kshtriya, though he was born in an inferior clan, a Kshatriya is deserved to be in the battlefield and fight against his opponent.  Many of times, the Origin of sacred rivers and prominent warriors are never known to the world.  The fierce weapon Vajrayudha was created out of Sage Dadhichi’s bone, birth of Lord Guha/Subramanya as a personification of various deities known as son of Lord Agni, son of Krithika, son of Lord Rudra, son of Goddess Ganga etc…  We have heard of valorous Kshtriyas turned out as Brahmin/knower of Brahmam, just like Sage Vishwamitra and various Kshtriyas attained Brahmathwa.  The illustrious Sage Drona who is prominent in the usage of armaments was born in a vessel. Sage Kripa was born to a celestial in the clan of Sage Gautama.  Just like, I also know about the birth details of the Pandavas.  Karna who has the resemblances of Lord Surya, was born with the protection shield and golden ear stud is not possible for an ordinary woman to give birth.  He has possessed immense prowess in the science of armaments and archery, I thoroughly convinced about his capabilities, thus I declare that he is capable to rule not only the Kingdom of Anga but the entire universe.  If anyone has the disbelief in my words, let them face this challenge.’


The incoherent speeches raised from the audience agreed to the words of Duryodhana.  It was the time of dusk; Duryodhana took the hands of Karna and went out of the well illuminated pavilion. Pandavas along with Dronacharya, Kripacharya and Bhismacharya returned to their palace.  It has created utter confusion amongst the audiences; some of them raised their voices and rejoiced over the victory of Arjun and others were cheered on the triumph of Karna and Duryodhana respectively.  Kunthi recognized Karna as her son with the divine symbols on his body.  Kunthi’s maternal love made her extremely jubilant at the fortune of Karna who was presently declared as the King of Anga.  Duryodhana was exceedingly delightful to have the association of Karna, a prominent archer capable to overcome his enemies.  Thus Duryodhana got relieved from the fear of Arjuna’s proficiency in archery.  Karna mesmerized Duryodhana with his excellence in speech.  It was the moment Yudhistara started to believe that there was no one in the universe to conquer Karna in his fineness in archery.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!