Friday, 28 March 2014

Vanaparvam !! Grandeur of Pushkar !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sage Pulastya narrates the splendor of one of the sacred lands on Earth Pushkar to Bhishmacharya ‘Oh! Righteous and austere Bhishma, I am highly pleased at your humility, cordiality and honesty which you have attained from your ancestors. Oh! Sinless son, you have found me due to the righteousness & honorableness in you.   Bhishma, I am observing the things happenings around me, what do you want from me? Oh! Sinless & superior amongst the Kurus I am ready to provide whatever you desire.”


Bhishmacharya graciously answered “Oh! Generous & highly revered by three worlds, I am extremely happy to know that you are pleased about my mannerism; furthermore I will treat that I have attained your presence due to the highest of the pieties obtained.  Oh! Righteous one, if I am eligible to seek your advice, I may ask you to clarify my doubts.    I have some doubts related to the sacred places on Earth.  Oh! Equivalent to deities, I would like to hear more about the sacred places and the devoutness of visiting these places.”

Sage Pulastya replied “Oh! Sinless son, Listen to me carefully about the devoutness of the sacred places on Earth, which is the only asylum for the Saints and holy men.  Who has absolute control over their sense, actions, intelligence & wisdom, austerity, will enjoy the fruit of sacred places.  A sinless, egoless and who does not rely on contributions and harmonious will have the merits of visiting sacred places.  Whoever remains sinless and perform their duties and live without any expectation, who does not consume food excessively, who has perfect control over sense and abstain from all sinful deeds will definitely enjoy the fruit of sacred places.”


“Oh! Bhishma, Who has perfect control over his anger, who leads righteous and honest life, who undergo austerities, who finds equality in all living beings will enjoy the fruit of sacred places.  Vedas compiled by the revered sages proclaims the devoutness of fire sacrifices in it.  The fire sacrifices require abundance of resources and meticulous attention not possible for a poor person to perform that is the reason it was performed by the King or wealthiest people.  Oh! Valiant amongst the warriors, I will narrate you about the ways to attain all those devoutness to a poor person who is not capable to perform any sacrifices or who has no friends or relatives or family.”


Sage Pulastya continued “Oh! Supreme among the Bharatha clan, these sacred places provides abundance of pieties to the worshipper as it is the asylum of the Rishis & Sages who attained eternal wisdom, thus it serves the worshipper highest of merits of fire sacrifices.  If a person visit the sacred places with utmost devotion attains highest of pieties, than an individual who pays visit to the sacred land and was not capable to undergo austerities, or who has no capacity to offer charities in the form of cow and gold coins, or someone who performs Agnisthoma/fire sacrifices or any other sacrifices and offer charities and abundance of alms.  There is a sacred land on Earth where the Supreme Lord Shiva who is venerated by all the three worlds is positioned in Pushkar.  Whoever visits this sacred place Pushkar would attain the tremendous merit equivalent to the Supreme Lord.  The holy pond situated on this sacred land is the convergence of all sacred rivers at the time of early hours of dawn/Brahmamuhurtham , mid of noon and the time of sun set/Sandhya.  Oh! Righteous Bhishma, the holy pond of Pushkar is the dwelling place of Adityas, Ashta Vasus, Rudras, Maruthganas, Gandharvas and Apasaras.  This is the sacred place where the Deities, Dhaithyas and Brahmarishis underwent severe austerities and attained their marvelous status as deities.  Oh! Bhishma, remembering this sacred land on Earth would bring abundance of devoutness in one’s life; it eradicates all the sins committed and provides salvation.  This is the sacred land on Earth where Lord Brahma/ Pithamaha was delightfully resided.   Whoever devoted their life in the worship of deities and performance of homage to ancestors’ and undergoes austerities and holy dip in the pond would attain ten times of pieties of performance of an Ashwamedha Yaga.  Whoever offer food to a Brahmin on this sacred land would remain delightful in all through their life”. 


Jai Sriman Narayana !!