Saturday, 8 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Grief of Drutharashtra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrated, it was after the completion of a year, Dhrutharashtra appointed Pandu’s son Yudhishtira as the crown prince of Hasthinapur.  Dhrushtharashtra was highly impressed with the virtues of Yudhishitra for his uprightness, prowess, compassion, patience, confidence, devotion, honesty and sincerity.  Yudhishtira Son of Kunthi, proved his proficiency, responsibility and morality within a short span of time.  Bhima/Vrukodhar continued to learn lessons on sword fight, chariot fight and Mace fight from Sangharshana/Balarama and attained immense force and expanded the army.  Arjuna attained immense proficiency in archery with his powerful clutch, power of concentration, effortless movements and knowledge in related weapons like Kshoora, Narasa, Pala, Vipatha, etc. .made Dronacharya affirms that there was no one in the Universe to outshine Arjuna. 


One day Dronacharya appeared before his disciple and spoke to Arjuna “Sage Agastya had a disciple Agnivesha who was trained in armaments was Mentor of mine.  I have attained immense knowledge in the usage of arms and attained the fierce weapon Brahmashirass which has that power to engulf the universe.  It has been a practice to transfer this powerful weapon to the disciple in a row.  While I was receiving this divine weapon from my Mentor, he advised me not to use this weapon upon any human or inferior or powerless.  Oh! Greatest among the warriors, you have attained the divine weapon which is impossible to acquire and follow the instructions of Sage Agnivesha.  You should give a promise to me and provide Guru Dakshina in front of your brothers and relatives.’  Arjuna enthusiastically promised Dronacharya that he would be always at the service of his mentor. Dronacharya spoke ‘Oh! Sinless Arjuna, you should fight against me in the battlefield whenever it requires.’  Arjuna reverentially greeted his Acharya and prostrated before him.


Dhanajaya surpassed everyone in sword fight, mace fight, chariot fight and archery.  Sahadeva attained profound knowledge in Sastra from Sage Bruhaspathi, Acharya of deities and amicably served his elder brothers.  Nakula who was adorable to his elder brothers, excelled in chariot fight and shined as a great warrior under the guidance of Dronacharya.  Arjuna conquered the unfeasible Yavanas, Jayadratha as their chief who was proven unbeatable for long, also defeated the arrogant and powerful warriors Vipula, Dattamitra, Sumitran and Dhanajayan.   Arjun with the assistance of Bhima fought against the Kings of neighboring cities and brought under the ruler ship of Hasthinapur, eventually these neighboring cities had to pay heavy tax to Kurus.  In this way, Pandavas proved their skills to the whole world, attained immense victory and expanded the city of Hasthinapur.   King Dhrutharahstra felt uneasy after witnessing the prowess of Pandavas, his respect towards them turned out envious and was completely devastated.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!