Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Adi Parvam !! Drupada was captured by Arjun !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates,  Dronacharya after witnessing the proficiency of Pandavas and Kauravas in the science of armaments, decided that it is the appropriate time to ask for Guru Dakshina/tuition fee from his disciples.  One day Dronacharya ordered all his disciples to be present before him and commanded to battle against the mighty King Drupada of Panchala, detain him and produce before Dronacharya that would be the tuition fee of Pandavas and Kauravas to their Mentor.  The disciples obediently agreed to the demand of their Mentor and hastily left on their chariot.


Duryodhana, Karna, Yuyutsu, Dusshasana, Vikarna, Jalasandhan, Sulochanan and the great warriors of Kauravas mounted on marvelous chariots and preceded through the Kingdom of Panchala, they brutally killed the people of Panchala.  They majestically moved through the streets of Panchala and entered into the capital city.  King of Panchala heard of the thunderous noises of warriors and chariots, he came out of the palace with his brothers. King Yajyasensa/Drupada was the greatest amongst the warriors had huge army of men, the warriors of Kuru showered arrows on their opponent.  King Yajyasena mounted on his enthralling chariot, appeared before the warriors of Kurus and created frontier of arrows encircling them.


Arjuna noticed the attention seeking attitude of Kauravas who were pompously treated themselves as the greatest among the warriors.    Arjuna met Dronacharya before the war took place against King Drupada and sought permission of his mentor to allow the Kauravas to show their proficiency before Pandavas.  It was evident to Arjuna that King Drupada, a greatest warrior is not an easy victim for the Kauravas.  The sinless Arjuna with his brothers stayed outside the city of Panchala waiting for their opportunity to enter in a battle against King Drupada.  In the meantime, Drupada poured arrows upon the men of the army of Kauravas and he effortlessly moved amidst the enemies.  Though Drupada was all alone fought against the Kauravas, it seemed like several Drupadas in the battle field fighting against the Kauravas.  The various divine instruments like Conch, drums, flute reverberated in the house holders of Panchala.  King Drupada roared like a lion against his enemies and his bow created enormous echoes.   Duryodhana, Vikarna, Subhahu, Dheergalochana, Dusshasana showered rain of arrows against Drupada.  But, son of Prishta/Drupada was extremely proficient in the science of armaments;  though he was pierced by the shower of arrows, retaliated  the enemies Duryodhana, Vikarna, Karna and various warriors, they could not withstand the  colossal power of Drupada.  The Kauravas were trampled under the hammering of arrows.  The entire citizens of Panchala entered into the battle field and attacked the Kauravas.  Hence, Kauravas left the battlefield abruptly and rushed back to Pandavas seeking their help.


Pandavas felt sympathy on Kauravas who were terribly wounded in the battlefield, Pandavas prostrated before Dronacharya and enthusiastically mounted on their chariot.  Arjuna proceeded in the battlefield after giving instruction to his elder brother Yudhishtira.  Madri’s two sons Nakula and Sahadeva were assigned to protect the chariot of Arjuna.   Bhima was settled in his chariot and vigorously fighting with his mace against his opponents.  The sinless Arjuna with his brothers hurried through the roaring enemies, his chariot made deafening noises in the battlefield.  Bhima who has powerful arms had the resemblance of Lord Yama, he energetically dashed through army of elephants of Panchala, like a roaring sea with its maddening waves.  Arjuna with his powerful arms attacked his opponents.   Bhima vigorously attacked the elephants with his mace, hammered them and killed them.  In this way, Pandavas brutally killed thousands of elephants, horses and several warriors from the chariots.  Bhima/Vrukodhar hastily killed thousands of warriors, elephants and destroyed their chariots with his powerful mace effortlessly like a shepherd with a stick on his hand channeling his cattle.  Phalgun/Arjun who always desired to do good to his mentor Drona, son of Bharadhwaja showered rain of arrows on Drupadha and forced to him hurled down from the elephant he was mounted.  Arjuna was resembled wild blaze appears at the end of Yuga, destroyed several horses, elephants, chariots and army of Drupada.   He had to oppose Arjuna with various kinds of fierce weapons; it was a vicious battle between the Pandavas and Drupada.  Arjuna poured rain of arrows upon the enemies, the people around him amazed at his skill, once again Arjuna proved his proficiency in the usage of weapons.  King Drupada, with his chief of warrior Sathyajith hurried to Arjuna, like Shambarasura against the supreme Lord.  Instantly King Drupada disappeared in the downpour of arrows of Arjuna, but Sathyajith realized the dangerous situation and whizzed against Arjuna, the vicious battled continued between the two.   At the end, Sathyajith retired from the battle field, leaving Drupada singlehandedly to fight against the Pandavas, and finally Drupada was captured by Arjuna.  Soon, the army of Panchala withdrawn from the battle field and flee to different directions.  Arjuna advised Bhima not to kill the warriors of King Drupada who was closely associated with Dronacharya.  Furthermore, their sole intention was to fulfill the desires of their Mentor, that was capture King Drupada alive and present before their Master as Guru Dakshina.


Rishi Vaishampayana continued, Bhimasena was enthusiastically battling with his opponents, had to stop the brutal fight after listening to Arjuna, eventually Drupada was displayed before Dronacharya.   Drupada was detained as powerless and completely lost his charm and glories, under the tight security of warriors.   Dronacharya proudly declared that Drupada had lost his capital and his Kingdom.  Dronacharya said ‘Oh! The great King, don’t worry about your life. We Brahmins always forgive our opponent.   My deepest concern and affection for you remains the same as we had spent childhood days in the hermitage. I dearly wish for your friendship once again.  I am prepared to share half of the Kindgom with you.  As you have mentioned earlier, an ordinary person cannot be a friend of King I am ready to offer half of the Kingdom situated on the south of Bhageerathi/Ganga/Kampilya to you and you can rule the city of Kampilya wisely.  The Kingdom situated on the north of Bageerathi/Panchala would remain under my regime.  Oh! Panchala, do you wish to accept me as your associate?  I will remain your sincere friend always.’


Later, Drupada was released from the custody and returned to Kampilya with great respect and honor.  Drupada took in charge of the Kingdom Kampilya/South of Panchala situated on the river banks of Ganga.  He realized that he cannot win over Dronacharya merely with the might of a Kshatriya, he has to attain power of Brahmam/power of soul.  He eagerly wished to have a son to crush the ego of Dronacharya and wandered all over.  In the meantime Dronacharya settled in Ahichathrapuri/north of Panchala.   Rishi Vaishmpayana concluded, thus Dronacharya attained the Kingdom Ahichathrapuri by the valor of Arjuna.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!