Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Adi Parvam !! Cries of Bhima !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued ‘The powerful Bhima preceded journey through the dense woods, carrying his brothers and Mother on his arms and shoulder, huge trees and its roots were crushed under the velocity of his feet, his swift movements created airstream of monsoon season.  Huge trees and its branches paved way for his fast movement; he destroyed the gigantic trees and its flowers and fruits, shrubs on his way and paced through that dense forest like an untamed elephant.
Bhima’s pace was equivalent to the King of Birds Garuda and Lord Vayu/Maruth, thus the Pandavas felt unconscious for a few moments, they have crossed cavernous streams and concealed their original forms due to the fear of the sons of Dhrutharashtra.  Bhima continued to carry his mother on his shoulder and crossed hazardous and uneven river banks.  Oh! Warrior of Bharatha dynasty, during the hours of sunset Bhima carried his brothers and mother on his arms and shoulder, preceded journey through the dense forest and arrived at a place where fruits and vegetables are in abundant and water to quench their thirst.  There were lot of birds and wild animals were making deafening frightful noises out of panic, it continued and very much increased after the sunset, the darkness swallowed the entire forest and nothing was visible.  An untimely storm destroyed the trees and shrubs along with its flowers and fruits, fallen on the ground with a loud noises.  Pandavas were extremely tired of hunger and thirst, lack of sleep etc….they were struggled to keep their pace, they remained tired of hunger and lack of food and water to quench their thirst.  Kunthi was desperately murmured “I am the mother of Pancha Pandavas, I am in the middle of my children still I am totally exhausted and desperate due to thirst.”  Her distressed cries made Bhima uneasy.   He decided to continue their journey, they moved through the dense woods where there were no living creatures, he crossed swiftly through the wild wood and found a place where there was a huge banyan tree positioned, he dropped his brothers and mother under the tree and spoke “All of you relax here for while, I can listen to the sounds of water birds, I think there must be pond located nearby, I will go and search for water.’  After obtaining permission from Yudhishtira, Bhima swiftly moved through the way where noises of the water birds heard.  Oh! Great Warrior of Bharatha dynasty, soon Bhima arrived in a place of water source, he took ablutions and satiated his thirst.  He dipped upper clothes in water and collected water for his brothers, shortly he returned to the place where his brothers and mother was settled.  He was inconsolable and miserable at the pathetic state of his mother, took a deep breath like a serpent; it was intolerable for him to witness his mother and brothers all tired of hunger and thirst, sleeping on the ground.  Vrukodhara was mentally shattered and cried loudly “  I have made some severe sin that’s why I have to witness my brothers and mother sleeping on the ground, it was indeed our bad luck  prevented us to sleep on the luxurious beds in Varanavarth. Oh! Kunthi, the loveliest woman like lotus petal! Oh! Sister of Vasudeva who is the great warrior and destroyer of enemies! Oh! Kunthi, who have possessed divine marks and daughter of King Kunthi Bhoja, daughter – in – law of King Vichithraveerya and the wife of glorious King Pandu, Mother of Pancha Pandavas!  Oh! Kunthi you are deserved to be in a classy and comfort bed, there will be no painful situation other than watching you sleeping on the ground. Oh! Mother, who had attained children from the deities Lord Dharma, Lord Indra and Lord Vayu, used to sleep on the luxurious beds in the palace, now sleeping on the ground due to tired of hunger and thirst. Oh!  It is painful to watch my fearless brothers sleeping on the ground.  Oh! Yudhishtira who has possessed the righteousness to rule the three worlds sleeping on the ground due to weariness like any normal human being, Oh! Arjuna, who has possessed the complexion of clouds and matchless in charisma sleeping on the ground, Oh! Nakul and Sahadeva, who has the resemblance of the deities Ashwini Kumaras in their matchless charisma sleeping on the ground like any ordinary human being, it is appalling to watch them sleeping on the soil.  One who has no relatives of treacherous qualities will live alone happily like a tree standing out of its cluster, will be worshipped by everyone. One who has numerous relatives who possessed the qualities of righteousness and fearlessness will live happily.  People who has possessed virtues, courage, richness and who showers happiness amongst friends and family will live like a huge trees in woods. We have undergone several hardships in our life, we have exiled from our Kingdom and barely escaped from the mouth of death due to the treacherous acts of evil Dhrutharashtra and his son; we have protected ourselves from the wild fire and taking shelter under this tree.  We have been gone through various disasters, where will we go now? Oh! Evil sons of Dhrutharashtra, enjoy your momentary victory, you have blessed with good luck by the deities, Oh! Sinners, you all are alive because Yudhishtra has not yet ordered me to slaughter you all.  Otherwise, I would have send you, yours sons, friends, brothers, Karna and Shakunison of Subhala to the world of Lord Yama. Oh! Sinners, what shall I do? The elder amongst the Pandavas, the righteous ruler Yudhishtira has no enmity towards you” Bhima continued to cry his heart out.
Thus the powerful Bhima was completely devastated; in a rage he was crushing his arms together and released sigh of utter desolation.  Bhima/ Vrukodhara were helplessly watched over his brothers sleeping like any ordinary human being on the ground.   He guessed that there must be some city nearby the dense woods, he decided keep himself awake and protect his brothers and mother who were fast asleep, safely kept the wet clothes he has brought for them to quench their thirst.  Thus Bhima was wide awake, settled near his brothers and mother who were fast asleep.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!