Thursday, 26 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Grief of Yudhishtira !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “A massive crowd of People of Varanavarth assembled in search of sons of Pandu, witnessed the gigantic fire in the Palace, shortly they realized that the palace was made out of wax and other inflammable materials constructed by Purochan by the command of deceitful plan of Duryodhana, after a long struggle to put off the fire they found that Purochan and his family was killed in the fire accident.  The people of Varanavarth echoed that it was the plan of wicked Duryodhana to kill the sons of Pandu,  it must be a wisely conceived plan of Duryodhana and Dhrutharashtra to kill the Pandavas, or Dhrutharashtra must have opposed the treacherous plan of his son.  They also suspected that the Bhishmacharya son of King Shanthanu, Dronacharya, Vidura, Krupacharya and other responsible members of the Kouravas were failed to perform their responsibilities.  Ultimately the people of Varanavarth decided to convey a message to King Dhrutharashtra commenting ‘Your irrepressible desire has come true! You have burnt Pandavas to death!’.
Later, it was decided to conduct rigorous search for the bodies of Pandavas.  They found the mortals of Nishadha woman and her five children.  The man who was appointed for the construction of tunnel by Vidura furtively removed the ashes from its place and crammed the tunnel with it.  The people of Varanavarth duly conveyed the depressing message about the death of Pandavas and Purochan to Dhrutharashtra.  The King Dhrutharashtra was devastated at the misfortune of Pandavas, he became inconsolable and spoke “It is definite that the memorable brother of mine and King Pandu must have met his death today after listening to the loss of five warriors and their mother in the fire accident.  Oh! Sons, hurry to Varanavarth and perform the final rite for the great warriors, sons of Pandu and daughter of King Kunthibhojan.  Bring the remnants of the mortal in Hasthinapur and perform appropriate rites.  Let the relatives and friends of deceased go to Varanavarth and perform those entire rites for Pandavas and Kunthi immediately.”
Dhrutharashtra, son of Ambika was assembled with relatives and sons, he performed ceremonial bath for the Pandavas.  The people of Hasthinapur were grief-stricken, cried their heart out calling the names of sons of Pandu and Kunthi, ‘ Oh! Yudhishtira, King of Kuru Dynasty’, ‘Oh! Bhima, Oh! Phalguna’,  ‘ Oh! Nakula & Sahadeva’, ‘Oh! Kunthi’.  They took ceremonial bath for the deceased and the entire Hasthinapur wept for the Pandavas.  But, Vidura who was aware of the truth was remained calm.
In the meantime,  Pandavas, the glorious warriors with their mother safely arrived at a place far from Varanavarth situated on the other side of river Ganga, due to the favorable weather conditions and the skill of ferry man.  Immediately, they deserted the ferry went inside the dense forest in the moon light.   Oh! King Janamejaya, ultimately they arrived in the middle of an impassable forest.  They were extremely tired of hunger, thirst and sleeplessness.    Yudhishtira spoke to Bhima “What else could be painful other than this destitution?  We are in the middle of dense forest. We are utterly miserable without the knowledge of routes.  We are unaware about the news of wicked Purochan.  How did we protect ourselves from the sight of others? Oh! Bhima, you are the powerful and fast amongst us, so carry us on your shoulder and precede the journey.  Bhima carried his mother on his shoulder, brothers on his arms and waist after listening to Yudhishtira and continued their journey promptly.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!