Friday, 28 February 2014

Mahabharath !! Karana crowned as King of Anga !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates; the huge audience assembled in the pavilion was anxiously searched for the voice of the warrior, they witnessed the valorous Karna in glorious shield and ear stud, holding bow and arrow majestically walked like a colossal mountain towards the arena.  Karna was born as a personification of Lord Surya to Prutha while she was a young maiden.   Karna, the destroyer of enemies has attractive physical features, wide and beautiful eyes walked into the pavilion resembled the chief of elephants.  He has the brilliance of Lord Surya, charisma of Lord Chandra and courage of Lord Agni.


Karna who has attained immense strength and wide knowledge in the science of armaments stood gracefully before the audience.  He closely observed the pavilion and carelessly paid obeisance to Dronacharya and Kripacharya.  The entire crowd anxiously observed Karna with thousands of questions popped in their minds ‘Who is he?  Karna who is well versed in the speech raised his thunderous voice and spoke to Partha ‘ Oh ! Partha, I am well capable to perform all the war tactics in a superior way than you have performed just now, that will surprise you for a big time.”  It created huge chaos amongst the audience; they rose from their seats in a state of anxiety.  Vipatsu/Arjuna hung down his head in extreme rage, Duryodhana was most delightful.  Karna performed all the war tactics with the permission of Dronacharya which was similar to Partha’s presentation before the huge audiences.  Duryodhana with his brothers rushed towards Karna and embraced him.  Duryodhana said “ Oh ! Great warrior, you are welcome to the royal family of Kurus.  I gained you as my companion due to the good deeds in my previous life.  Enjoy your life magnificently with us and serve the Kingdom of Hasthinapur.”  Karna replied “Oh ! Prince your generous words made me extremely happy and I will treat that I have attained all the marvelous things you have pronounced; I also desired your companionship.  I eagerly wish to fight against Arjun.”  Duryodhana said ‘Oh! Destroyer of enemies! You will have all the luxuries of royal life and take pleasure in it with all of us.  Do well to your companion and destroy his enemies.”


Rishi Vaishampayana continued,  Arjuna felt affronted and spoke to Karna who was standing grandly amidst the Kauravas “Uninvited guests and undesirable speakers will have your way and you will be killed by my hands and transport to the same world of yours.” Karna replied “This pavilion is for the public, Oh! Phalguna it is not for you only.  The most powerful among the Kshtriyas are crowned as the rulers and Kshtriyas respects fearlessness.  Why should we argue? That’s meant for the coward. Oh! Partha today I will battle against you and chop off your head in front of our Acharya, till that you speak with your fine arrows.” 


Arjuna affectionately embraced his brothers and with the permission of Dronacharya, walked to arena to fight against Karna.  On the other side, Karna embraced Duryodhana and his brothers and prepared for the fight.  The sky packed with heavy clouds with frequent lightening.  Lord Indra meticulously observed the pavilion with lots of affection towards his son.  Lord Surya withered the clouds and watched over his son.  Phalguna was covered under the thick cloud and Karna was revealed his presence with the brilliant rays of Lord Surya.  Duryodhana and his brothers stood along with Karna and Partha/Arjun was surrounded by Dronacharya, Kripacharya and Bhismacharya.  The whole audiences were divided into two set supporting their favorites.  Kunthi, daughter of Kunthibhoja has fallen unconscious after witnessing the seriousness of the proceedings in the pavilion.  The righteous Vidur ordered female assistants to sprinkle the aromatic sandalwood water on Kunthi’s face and brought her back into conscious.  She anxiously looked upon her two sons who were clad in shield and fuming against each other, she turned out helpless with extreme distress.  Kripacharya came forward and declared in thunderous voice that Arjuna , son of Kunthi  from the Kuru race and younger to Yudhishtira & Bhima will fight against the fearless Karna, further ordered Karna to declare the details of his clan, after listening to the details of the superiority of the clan only Arjuna will fight against him.  According to Sastra, the princes of superior clan never fight against inferior or ordinary warriors.  Instantaneously, Karna’s face turned gloomy like a withered lotus after listening to the words of Kripacharya.  Duryodhana spoke ‘Oh! Respected Master, according to scriptures there are three categories of men such as warriors, Princes and men in charge of the Army can be crowned as King.  If Arjuna does not want to fight against a warrior, I will declare Karna as the King of Anga Kingdom.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!