Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Adi Parvam !! Arjuna’s mesmerizing performance!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishi Vaishampayana narrates, the encounter between the two equal forces such as Duryodhana and Bhima created a huge chaos amongst the audience, they shrieked calling out the names of their favorite princes and the pavilion looked a lot like roaring sea.   Dronacharya ordered Ashwathama to bring a halt to the battle between Bhima & Duryodhana in order to bring peace amongst the audience otherwise it may create abhorrence amongst them.  The two warriors were holding their mace and puffed like lions on each other, like whirlwind at the time of deluge.  Ashwathama intervened and controlled the two warriors; Dronacharya entered the field and ordered to stop the sounds of musical instruments, further he publicized at the top of his voice about his abundance of love towards Arjun as his son and declared the forthcoming performance of Arjun/ Partha who is well versed in the science of armaments, son of Lord Indra and equivalent to Lord Vishnu brother of Lord Indra.  Arjuna who has the brilliance of Lord Surya in golden armor, holding bow and arrow gushed to the field from the crowd.


The whole audiences were shrieked with enormous delight after witnessing the mesmerizing presence of Arjun.  The pavilion was flooded with the reverberating noises of conch followed by divine musical instruments.  The audiences raised awe-inspiring voices praising the fearlessness of Arjun ‘He is the righteous son of Kunthi’ ‘He is the third son of Kunthi’ ‘He is the son of valorous Lord Indra’ ‘He is the protector of Kuru race’ ‘He is the valorous amongst the warriors’ ‘He is the most intelligent and honorable’ etc..etc.. Prutha/Kunthi shed tears of joy listening to the cries of the audience.  Drutharashtra was jubilant at the rumbling noises of the crowd and enquired Vidur ‘Oh!  Kshatri, what was the reason for the sudden cries of people like the roaring of sea which is audible to the sky?  Vidur in a state of ecstasy answered that it was the appearance of Phalguna/Arjun, son Pandu &Prutha into the pavilion created such a huge welcoming cries from the people gathered.  Drutharashtra in a state of bliss admired the three sons of Pandu & Kunthi, as untainted fire; predicted that these righteous sons of Pandu & Kunthi are capable to provide him sanctity, compassion and protection.



The audience witnessed the marvelous performance of Vipatsu/Arjuna on intricate lessons in the science of armaments and it brought immense pleasure in the crowd.  He effortlessly used various weapons, Agneya Astra to create colossal fire, Varunastra to create torrential rain, Vayavya Astra to create colossal air, Parjanya Astra to create heavy clouds, Boumastra to create Earth, Parvatya Astra to create huge mountains; finally he utilized Andhardhanastra to vanish the above substances he had created.    Arjun performed the Eight supernatural powers in Yogic practices such as Anima/ Ability to reduce one’s size into an atom, Garima/ Ability to increase one’s weight, Mahima/Ability to obtain gigantic form, Laghima/Ability to make one’s body immersed in light, Prapati/Ability to acquire anything, Prakamya/ Ability to obtain whatever desired, Ishitva/The power of absolute Lordship, Vasitva/ The ultimate power to bring everything under control.  Arjuna revealed his excellence in Archery.  In this way, Arjuna mesmerized the crowd with his astonishing performances with Sword, Mace, Bow and arrow.  At last, Arjuna’s performance has come to an end; it brought extreme silence in the audience.  Suddenly, a loud applauds raised from the crowd which revealed the prowess of the person.  The people gathered were perplexed, looked around searching for the individual and whispered ‘Was that Earth shattered? Or the mountain?’  The crowd witnessed Dronacharya stood majestically amongst the five Pandavas, resembles stars in the sky and the destroyer of enemy Duryodhana and his hundred valorous brothers holding the mace stood along with Ashwathama.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!