Saturday, 11 October 2014

Adi Parvam/Hidimbha Vadha Parvam !! Bhima’s encounter with Hidimbha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “ Hidimbha, the chief of the demons was anxiously waited for his sister’s return for long time, shortly he was annoyed to find no sign of her.  He leaped down from the tree and rushed towards the place where Pandavas are settled.  His appearance was dreadful with hideous physical structure, wide opened red eyes and crooked teeth.  Hidimbhi noticed her brother dived down from the tree and hurriedly approaching them.   Hidimbhi spoke in extreme shame to Bhima  “ Oh! Greatest among the warriors, Hidimbha, the evildoer and carnivore is rushing towards us in a rage.  I earnestly request you and wish you and your brothers should follow my words carefully.  I have the demonic powers which would help me to move freely wherever I desired to go.  Oh! Destroyer of enemies, I can carry all of you and fly high in the sky, therefore awake your brothers and mother from their sleep.”  Bhima consoled her saying “Oh! Beautiful lady with tender waist, do not worry about a thing.  As long as I am here none of the demons could harm my family. I will kill Hidimbha in front of your eyes, he is the evildoers and apt to become my enemy, in fact even the entire clan of demons could not withstand the powers of my arm.  I have powerful arms like the trunk of elephant; my thighs are well-built as the iron mace and see my wide and strong chest.  Oh! Beautiful lady, today you will see the valor in me equivalent to Lord Indra.  I have obtained immense strength in me and don’t treat me as an ordinary human being.”  Hidimbhi replied “Oh! Tiger among the warriors, you have obtained divinity and amazing powers in you, I never misjudge your valor.  I have seen Hidimbha’s cruelty and fearlessness to humans.” 
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “Oh! Bharatha, Hidimbha listened to the words of Bhima and entered the place where the Pandavas are settled.  He was surprised to see his sister not in her usual dreadful form; she has assumed the form of a beautiful young maiden. She was attired in gorgeous garments and decked in various ornaments all over her body.  Her stunning appearance terribly infuriated Hidimbha, he screamed at her “Who has created impediments in my path when I was anxiously anticipated to wave off my hunger?.  Shame on you Hidimbhi, you have desired to gratify your sensual pleasure and thereby blemished the status and dignity of our ancestors and the entire clan of demons,  I am going to take away the life of you and the person with whom you wanted to have pleasurable time.” After saying so, Hidimbha furiously approached Hidimbhi to kill her on the spot; suddenly Bhima stood before him and raised his boisterous voice to stop his action. 
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “  Bhima spoke in a loud voice “ Oh ! Hidimbha, why did you try to wake up my family who are sleeping in peace? Oh! Carnivore, try your luck on me and don’t try to attack a woman which is unethical, especially she is sinless but she has been trapped to commit sin.  She has desired to gratify her sensual pleasures with me and she is not responsible for any of these.  She has forced to yearn for me because of the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha.  You are the worst sinner in the clan of demons, your sister has sincerely followed your command and came here.  She has fallen in love with me; she has not committed any felony against you.   It was Lord Kamadeva to blame at this moment, because he has committed the mistake.  It’s unfair to pounce on her and I will not let you harm her in my presence. If you have any courage in you, come and fight with me, I will send you to the world of Lord Yama, I will crush your head like trampled by an elephant.  Your mortal coil will be the fabulous feast for fox and vultures.  Oh! Carnivore, you have made this forest inhabitable for demons I can make the forest tranquil without any demons.  Your sister will see your death in front of her eyes; the human beings will dwell in this forest without any fear once again.”  Hidimba was annoyed at the vigorous voice of Bhima, he replied “ Oh!  Human, don’t be over proud of your valor, prove your power in action, fight against me and prove your strength until that I will not harm your family, let them have good sleep.  I am quite sure that I will take away your life as an answer to your foolishness.  I will drink your blood, later I will swallow each one of your family, and at the end I will devour my sister too.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Hidimbha broadened his hands against Bhima and they had vicious battle against each other.  Soon, Hidimbha realized the undeniable strength of Bhima.  The battle continued for quite some time, they revealed their great courage to each other like an untamed elephant.  In that battle they have uprooted many trees and destroyed the woods.  The entire woodland echoed the disconcerting noise of the battle; it caused Pandavas to wake up from their sleep.  As they opened their eyes, they have noticed Hidimbhi, a beautiful woman in front of them.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!