Monday, 13 October 2014

Adi Parvam /Hidimbha Vadha Parvam !! Death of Hidimbha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “  Pandavas who got out of their sleep was surprised to see Hidimbhi, a beautiful young maiden before them.  Kunthi spoke “ Oh! Beautiful young lady, look like the daughter of deities, who are you? Oh! Attractive lady with marvelous physical features! Why did you come here? Where did you come from? Are you the deity of woodland or celestial Apsara ? Detail us about you and the purpose of your visit. ” Hidimbhi answered “Oh! Beautiful young woman, this magnificent dark woodland of wide acres is the dwelling place of a dreadful demon Hidimbha.  I am the sister of the chief of demon Hidimbha.  Oh!  Respected woman, I have assigned by my brother to kill you and your sons.  I have been sent by his cruel command and I came here and met your most powerful son.  Oh! Woman with divine qualities, like any other living creature, I have tortured by the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha that brought before your son.  Later, I have assumed your powerful son as my husband.  I have been trying to protect all of you from this woodland, but your son refused to accept any kind of help from me.  Later, my brother arrived here in my long absence to kill your sons.  But your most powerful son, my husband Bhima had fierce battle with him and dragged into the interiors of woods, a vicious battle is happening between a man and a demon of equal strength, they are exhibiting their valor and killing each other and thus creating deafening noise in the entire woodland. ”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “Yudhishtira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva hastily walked out of the place and found Bhima was battling with the demon Hidimbha, fighting like two lions.  The dust raised from the fight had created an illusion of wild fire; they were completely covered with the dust and gave out of the appearance of two mountains fighting with each other.  Arjuna screamed “Oh! Bhima with the powerful arms, we were not aware of the fierce battle between you and Hidimbha, I am here to help you to fight against the awful demon, let me fight against him and kill him, Nakula and Sahadeva will take good care of our mother.”  Bhima said “Oh! Brother, just watch the fight between us, I am well capable to deal with this demon and he is not going to escape from my hands.”  Arjuna spoke “ Oh! Bhima destroyer of enemies! Why did you wait so long to kill him? We have to precede our journey before the sunset and we cannot stay here anymore.  The demons will acquire extra ordinary illusionary powers during the hours of dark, so don’t play with him.  Kill him before the sunset by utilizing all the powers of your arms.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Bhima was inspired by the fiery speech of Arjuna, he approached Hidimbha like a whirlwind at the time of deluge.  He carried the dark cloud like Hidimbha on his shoulder and went round and round for hundreds of times.  He screamed at Hidimbha “You have built muscles without any intelligence, so you are deserved to die.  I will make the entire forest serene and divine in your absence once again.  You will not feast on humans anymore.” Arjuna said “ Oh! Vrukodhara, you are already tired and need to settle down, give me an opportunity to handle Hidimbha, otherwise we together will kill him, and we have no time in hand. ”  Bhima got infuriated and trampled Hidimbha on the ground and killed him like an animal.  Hidimbha released a deafening noise at the time of his death; the entire woodland shuddered at the noise.  Bhima shredded his colossal body holding in his hand, in this way he pleased his brothers.   They all were thrilled on the triumph over Hidimbha, assembled together and praised Bhima on his victory over Hidimbha.  Arjuna informed Bhima about the province located near the forest and the need to make a move at the earliest in order to protect them from Duryodhana, so that he could not trace their footsteps.  Shortly, the great warriors, tigers among men preceded their journey along with their mother, followed by Hidimbhi.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!