Monday, 13 October 2014

Adi Parvam /Hidimbha Vadha Parvam !! Death of Hidimbha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “  Pandavas who got out of their sleep was surprised to see Hidimbhi, a beautiful young maiden before them.  Kunthi spoke “ Oh! Beautiful young lady, look like the daughter of deities, who are you? Oh! Attractive lady with marvelous physical features! Why did you come here? Where did you come from? Are you the deity of woodland or celestial Apsara ? Detail us about you and the purpose of your visit. ” Hidimbhi answered “Oh! Beautiful young woman, this magnificent dark woodland of wide acres is the dwelling place of a dreadful demon Hidimbha.  I am the sister of the chief of demon Hidimbha.  Oh!  Respected woman, I have assigned by my brother to kill you and your sons.  I have been sent by his cruel command and I came here and met your most powerful son.  Oh! Woman with divine qualities, like any other living creature, I have tortured by the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha that brought before your son.  Later, I have assumed your powerful son as my husband.  I have been trying to protect all of you from this woodland, but your son refused to accept any kind of help from me.  Later, my brother arrived here in my long absence to kill your sons.  But your most powerful son, my husband Bhima had fierce battle with him and dragged into the interiors of woods, a vicious battle is happening between a man and a demon of equal strength, they are exhibiting their valor and killing each other and thus creating deafening noise in the entire woodland. ”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “Yudhishtira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva hastily walked out of the place and found Bhima was battling with the demon Hidimbha, fighting like two lions.  The dust raised from the fight had created an illusion of wild fire; they were completely covered with the dust and gave out of the appearance of two mountains fighting with each other.  Arjuna screamed “Oh! Bhima with the powerful arms, we were not aware of the fierce battle between you and Hidimbha, I am here to help you to fight against the awful demon, let me fight against him and kill him, Nakula and Sahadeva will take good care of our mother.”  Bhima said “Oh! Brother, just watch the fight between us, I am well capable to deal with this demon and he is not going to escape from my hands.”  Arjuna spoke “ Oh! Bhima destroyer of enemies! Why did you wait so long to kill him? We have to precede our journey before the sunset and we cannot stay here anymore.  The demons will acquire extra ordinary illusionary powers during the hours of dark, so don’t play with him.  Kill him before the sunset by utilizing all the powers of your arms.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Bhima was inspired by the fiery speech of Arjuna, he approached Hidimbha like a whirlwind at the time of deluge.  He carried the dark cloud like Hidimbha on his shoulder and went round and round for hundreds of times.  He screamed at Hidimbha “You have built muscles without any intelligence, so you are deserved to die.  I will make the entire forest serene and divine in your absence once again.  You will not feast on humans anymore.” Arjuna said “ Oh! Vrukodhara, you are already tired and need to settle down, give me an opportunity to handle Hidimbha, otherwise we together will kill him, and we have no time in hand. ”  Bhima got infuriated and trampled Hidimbha on the ground and killed him like an animal.  Hidimbha released a deafening noise at the time of his death; the entire woodland shuddered at the noise.  Bhima shredded his colossal body holding in his hand, in this way he pleased his brothers.   They all were thrilled on the triumph over Hidimbha, assembled together and praised Bhima on his victory over Hidimbha.  Arjuna informed Bhima about the province located near the forest and the need to make a move at the earliest in order to protect them from Duryodhana, so that he could not trace their footsteps.  Shortly, the great warriors, tigers among men preceded their journey along with their mother, followed by Hidimbhi.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Adi Parvam/Hidimbha Vadha Parvam !! Bhima’s encounter with Hidimbha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “ Hidimbha, the chief of the demons was anxiously waited for his sister’s return for long time, shortly he was annoyed to find no sign of her.  He leaped down from the tree and rushed towards the place where Pandavas are settled.  His appearance was dreadful with hideous physical structure, wide opened red eyes and crooked teeth.  Hidimbhi noticed her brother dived down from the tree and hurriedly approaching them.   Hidimbhi spoke in extreme shame to Bhima  “ Oh! Greatest among the warriors, Hidimbha, the evildoer and carnivore is rushing towards us in a rage.  I earnestly request you and wish you and your brothers should follow my words carefully.  I have the demonic powers which would help me to move freely wherever I desired to go.  Oh! Destroyer of enemies, I can carry all of you and fly high in the sky, therefore awake your brothers and mother from their sleep.”  Bhima consoled her saying “Oh! Beautiful lady with tender waist, do not worry about a thing.  As long as I am here none of the demons could harm my family. I will kill Hidimbha in front of your eyes, he is the evildoers and apt to become my enemy, in fact even the entire clan of demons could not withstand the powers of my arm.  I have powerful arms like the trunk of elephant; my thighs are well-built as the iron mace and see my wide and strong chest.  Oh! Beautiful lady, today you will see the valor in me equivalent to Lord Indra.  I have obtained immense strength in me and don’t treat me as an ordinary human being.”  Hidimbhi replied “Oh! Tiger among the warriors, you have obtained divinity and amazing powers in you, I never misjudge your valor.  I have seen Hidimbha’s cruelty and fearlessness to humans.” 
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “Oh! Bharatha, Hidimbha listened to the words of Bhima and entered the place where the Pandavas are settled.  He was surprised to see his sister not in her usual dreadful form; she has assumed the form of a beautiful young maiden. She was attired in gorgeous garments and decked in various ornaments all over her body.  Her stunning appearance terribly infuriated Hidimbha, he screamed at her “Who has created impediments in my path when I was anxiously anticipated to wave off my hunger?.  Shame on you Hidimbhi, you have desired to gratify your sensual pleasure and thereby blemished the status and dignity of our ancestors and the entire clan of demons,  I am going to take away the life of you and the person with whom you wanted to have pleasurable time.” After saying so, Hidimbha furiously approached Hidimbhi to kill her on the spot; suddenly Bhima stood before him and raised his boisterous voice to stop his action. 
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “  Bhima spoke in a loud voice “ Oh ! Hidimbha, why did you try to wake up my family who are sleeping in peace? Oh! Carnivore, try your luck on me and don’t try to attack a woman which is unethical, especially she is sinless but she has been trapped to commit sin.  She has desired to gratify her sensual pleasures with me and she is not responsible for any of these.  She has forced to yearn for me because of the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha.  You are the worst sinner in the clan of demons, your sister has sincerely followed your command and came here.  She has fallen in love with me; she has not committed any felony against you.   It was Lord Kamadeva to blame at this moment, because he has committed the mistake.  It’s unfair to pounce on her and I will not let you harm her in my presence. If you have any courage in you, come and fight with me, I will send you to the world of Lord Yama, I will crush your head like trampled by an elephant.  Your mortal coil will be the fabulous feast for fox and vultures.  Oh! Carnivore, you have made this forest inhabitable for demons I can make the forest tranquil without any demons.  Your sister will see your death in front of her eyes; the human beings will dwell in this forest without any fear once again.”  Hidimba was annoyed at the vigorous voice of Bhima, he replied “ Oh!  Human, don’t be over proud of your valor, prove your power in action, fight against me and prove your strength until that I will not harm your family, let them have good sleep.  I am quite sure that I will take away your life as an answer to your foolishness.  I will drink your blood, later I will swallow each one of your family, and at the end I will devour my sister too.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Hidimbha broadened his hands against Bhima and they had vicious battle against each other.  Soon, Hidimbha realized the undeniable strength of Bhima.  The battle continued for quite some time, they revealed their great courage to each other like an untamed elephant.  In that battle they have uprooted many trees and destroyed the woods.  The entire woodland echoed the disconcerting noise of the battle; it caused Pandavas to wake up from their sleep.  As they opened their eyes, they have noticed Hidimbhi, a beautiful woman in front of them.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Adi Parvam/Hidimbha Vadha Parvam !! Bhima’s conversation with Hidimbhi !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrated ‘There was a hideous demon Hidimbha who lived in a Sala Vruksham in the woods where the Pandavas were settled, he was so powerful and was yearning to consume human flesh so long.  He had a dreadful atypical physique and horrible face, he has long feet and hands, eyes were blood red, he had pot belly and crimson colored hair all over the body, two long and sharp protruding teeth gave out a ghastly look, he was edgily waiting for the human flesh to consume.  He was settled in a Sala tree thoroughly observing the woods; unexpectedly there he found the sons of Pandu were fast asleep on the ground.  He was deviously enjoying the smell of human flesh with greed and hunger; he noticed that the Pandavas were in sound sleep on the ground.  Hidimbha spoke to his sister “Oh! Dear sister, I have found my favorite meal after long time.  The taste of the human flesh brings water in my mouth, my sharp teeth is going to have much preferred meal after a long time.  I am going to cut off their throat and veins; I will gulp down the hot blood oozing from their body at my heart’s content.  Therefore, you go and find out who they are and kill them and bring their corpse, the smell of human flesh is piercing my nose.  They are sleeping in the wood which belongs to me; you need not get scared of them.  We can excessively consume the human flesh and dance to the tunes.”  Oh! King of Bharatha dynasty,  Hidimbhi who equally  enjoys the human flesh after listening to the command of her brother Hidimbha, deceitfully moved to the place where Pandavas settled.  There she found Pandavas sleeping on the ground with their mother, Bhima was meticulously watching over them and he was wide awake.  Instantaneously, Hidimbhi fell in love with Bhima at first sight, his attractive and powerful physique like Sala tree enticed her, she murmured to herself ‘  He is the most charming man with attractive physical features  in golden complexion, powerful arms and shoulders, conch shaped neck and beautiful eyes like lotus petals, he is well deserved to be my husband.  I will not follow the treacherous commands of my brother anymore.  It’s always great feeling for a woman to be in love with her husband and it’s much stronger than the affection to her brother.  The pleasure derived out of killing the Pandavas is momentary; if I did not kill them I can live with them happily ever after.”  Hidimbhi who has the power to disguise in any form according to her wish, turned into a beautiful young maiden decked in various jewels and gently walked towards handsome Bhima with a smile on her lips, Hidimbhi mellifluously spoke to Bhima, “Oh! Great warrior, where are you coming from? Who are you?  Who are these divine people sleeping on the floor? Oh! Sinless people, who is this graceful woman sleeping peacefully in this dark forest, as if she is in her chamber.  Do you know that this dark forest is the dwelling place of a dreadful demon? I am speaking the truth; this is the dwelling place of hideous demon Hidimbha.  Oh! Men with divine personality, I have been assigned by my brother Hidimbha to kill all of you and send your bodies as his food.   Honestly, I have fallen in love with you the moment I witnessed your divine features, I wanted to protect you, I have decided that I will not marry anyone other than you.  You are well aware of the responsibilities and righteousness, I request you to show kindness to me after considering my plight of the situation.  I am completely exhausted by the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha, I earnestly desire for your presence, accept me as your wife.  Oh! Great warrior with strong arms, I will protect you from the dreadful demon who desired to eat the flesh of humans.  We can peacefully live in the stunning mountainous areas where humans cannot live, I can fly effortlessly that I used to do for fun.  You can live peacefully and happily with me in the most interior part of the woods.”  Bhima replied “Oh! Mischievous spirit, I am living a life of an ascetic like a saint, how can I leave my brothers and mother for you? How can I abandon my mother and brother who are fast asleep for a demon and gratify my sensual pleasure?” Hidimbhi answered “Oh! Sinless warrior, I am prepared to provide any kind of help, let them get out of the sleep.  I will protect all of you from the flesh eating demon Hidimbha”.  Bhima said ‘Oh! Mischievous spirit, I cannot wake up my brothers and mother due to the fear of your brother, they are peacefully sleeping on the ground, I am not a coward and the demons cannot endure the power of my arms. Oh! Lady with beautiful eyes, Humans or Yakshas or Gandharvas cannot withstand my immense power. Oh! Gentle one, I am not worried about anything, it is your wish to stay back or leave this place or bring back your brother to me.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Adi Parvam !! Cries of Bhima !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued ‘The powerful Bhima preceded journey through the dense woods, carrying his brothers and Mother on his arms and shoulder, huge trees and its roots were crushed under the velocity of his feet, his swift movements created airstream of monsoon season.  Huge trees and its branches paved way for his fast movement; he destroyed the gigantic trees and its flowers and fruits, shrubs on his way and paced through that dense forest like an untamed elephant.
Bhima’s pace was equivalent to the King of Birds Garuda and Lord Vayu/Maruth, thus the Pandavas felt unconscious for a few moments, they have crossed cavernous streams and concealed their original forms due to the fear of the sons of Dhrutharashtra.  Bhima continued to carry his mother on his shoulder and crossed hazardous and uneven river banks.  Oh! Warrior of Bharatha dynasty, during the hours of sunset Bhima carried his brothers and mother on his arms and shoulder, preceded journey through the dense forest and arrived at a place where fruits and vegetables are in abundant and water to quench their thirst.  There were lot of birds and wild animals were making deafening frightful noises out of panic, it continued and very much increased after the sunset, the darkness swallowed the entire forest and nothing was visible.  An untimely storm destroyed the trees and shrubs along with its flowers and fruits, fallen on the ground with a loud noises.  Pandavas were extremely tired of hunger and thirst, lack of sleep etc….they were struggled to keep their pace, they remained tired of hunger and lack of food and water to quench their thirst.  Kunthi was desperately murmured “I am the mother of Pancha Pandavas, I am in the middle of my children still I am totally exhausted and desperate due to thirst.”  Her distressed cries made Bhima uneasy.   He decided to continue their journey, they moved through the dense woods where there were no living creatures, he crossed swiftly through the wild wood and found a place where there was a huge banyan tree positioned, he dropped his brothers and mother under the tree and spoke “All of you relax here for while, I can listen to the sounds of water birds, I think there must be pond located nearby, I will go and search for water.’  After obtaining permission from Yudhishtira, Bhima swiftly moved through the way where noises of the water birds heard.  Oh! Great Warrior of Bharatha dynasty, soon Bhima arrived in a place of water source, he took ablutions and satiated his thirst.  He dipped upper clothes in water and collected water for his brothers, shortly he returned to the place where his brothers and mother was settled.  He was inconsolable and miserable at the pathetic state of his mother, took a deep breath like a serpent; it was intolerable for him to witness his mother and brothers all tired of hunger and thirst, sleeping on the ground.  Vrukodhara was mentally shattered and cried loudly “  I have made some severe sin that’s why I have to witness my brothers and mother sleeping on the ground, it was indeed our bad luck  prevented us to sleep on the luxurious beds in Varanavarth. Oh! Kunthi, the loveliest woman like lotus petal! Oh! Sister of Vasudeva who is the great warrior and destroyer of enemies! Oh! Kunthi, who have possessed divine marks and daughter of King Kunthi Bhoja, daughter – in – law of King Vichithraveerya and the wife of glorious King Pandu, Mother of Pancha Pandavas!  Oh! Kunthi you are deserved to be in a classy and comfort bed, there will be no painful situation other than watching you sleeping on the ground. Oh! Mother, who had attained children from the deities Lord Dharma, Lord Indra and Lord Vayu, used to sleep on the luxurious beds in the palace, now sleeping on the ground due to tired of hunger and thirst. Oh!  It is painful to watch my fearless brothers sleeping on the ground.  Oh! Yudhishtira who has possessed the righteousness to rule the three worlds sleeping on the ground due to weariness like any normal human being, Oh! Arjuna, who has possessed the complexion of clouds and matchless in charisma sleeping on the ground, Oh! Nakul and Sahadeva, who has the resemblance of the deities Ashwini Kumaras in their matchless charisma sleeping on the ground like any ordinary human being, it is appalling to watch them sleeping on the soil.  One who has no relatives of treacherous qualities will live alone happily like a tree standing out of its cluster, will be worshipped by everyone. One who has numerous relatives who possessed the qualities of righteousness and fearlessness will live happily.  People who has possessed virtues, courage, richness and who showers happiness amongst friends and family will live like a huge trees in woods. We have undergone several hardships in our life, we have exiled from our Kingdom and barely escaped from the mouth of death due to the treacherous acts of evil Dhrutharashtra and his son; we have protected ourselves from the wild fire and taking shelter under this tree.  We have been gone through various disasters, where will we go now? Oh! Evil sons of Dhrutharashtra, enjoy your momentary victory, you have blessed with good luck by the deities, Oh! Sinners, you all are alive because Yudhishtra has not yet ordered me to slaughter you all.  Otherwise, I would have send you, yours sons, friends, brothers, Karna and Shakunison of Subhala to the world of Lord Yama. Oh! Sinners, what shall I do? The elder amongst the Pandavas, the righteous ruler Yudhishtira has no enmity towards you” Bhima continued to cry his heart out.
Thus the powerful Bhima was completely devastated; in a rage he was crushing his arms together and released sigh of utter desolation.  Bhima/ Vrukodhara were helplessly watched over his brothers sleeping like any ordinary human being on the ground.   He guessed that there must be some city nearby the dense woods, he decided keep himself awake and protect his brothers and mother who were fast asleep, safely kept the wet clothes he has brought for them to quench their thirst.  Thus Bhima was wide awake, settled near his brothers and mother who were fast asleep.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Grief of Yudhishtira !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “A massive crowd of People of Varanavarth assembled in search of sons of Pandu, witnessed the gigantic fire in the Palace, shortly they realized that the palace was made out of wax and other inflammable materials constructed by Purochan by the command of deceitful plan of Duryodhana, after a long struggle to put off the fire they found that Purochan and his family was killed in the fire accident.  The people of Varanavarth echoed that it was the plan of wicked Duryodhana to kill the sons of Pandu,  it must be a wisely conceived plan of Duryodhana and Dhrutharashtra to kill the Pandavas, or Dhrutharashtra must have opposed the treacherous plan of his son.  They also suspected that the Bhishmacharya son of King Shanthanu, Dronacharya, Vidura, Krupacharya and other responsible members of the Kouravas were failed to perform their responsibilities.  Ultimately the people of Varanavarth decided to convey a message to King Dhrutharashtra commenting ‘Your irrepressible desire has come true! You have burnt Pandavas to death!’.
Later, it was decided to conduct rigorous search for the bodies of Pandavas.  They found the mortals of Nishadha woman and her five children.  The man who was appointed for the construction of tunnel by Vidura furtively removed the ashes from its place and crammed the tunnel with it.  The people of Varanavarth duly conveyed the depressing message about the death of Pandavas and Purochan to Dhrutharashtra.  The King Dhrutharashtra was devastated at the misfortune of Pandavas, he became inconsolable and spoke “It is definite that the memorable brother of mine and King Pandu must have met his death today after listening to the loss of five warriors and their mother in the fire accident.  Oh! Sons, hurry to Varanavarth and perform the final rite for the great warriors, sons of Pandu and daughter of King Kunthibhojan.  Bring the remnants of the mortal in Hasthinapur and perform appropriate rites.  Let the relatives and friends of deceased go to Varanavarth and perform those entire rites for Pandavas and Kunthi immediately.”
Dhrutharashtra, son of Ambika was assembled with relatives and sons, he performed ceremonial bath for the Pandavas.  The people of Hasthinapur were grief-stricken, cried their heart out calling the names of sons of Pandu and Kunthi, ‘ Oh! Yudhishtira, King of Kuru Dynasty’, ‘Oh! Bhima, Oh! Phalguna’,  ‘ Oh! Nakula & Sahadeva’, ‘Oh! Kunthi’.  They took ceremonial bath for the deceased and the entire Hasthinapur wept for the Pandavas.  But, Vidura who was aware of the truth was remained calm.
In the meantime,  Pandavas, the glorious warriors with their mother safely arrived at a place far from Varanavarth situated on the other side of river Ganga, due to the favorable weather conditions and the skill of ferry man.  Immediately, they deserted the ferry went inside the dense forest in the moon light.   Oh! King Janamejaya, ultimately they arrived in the middle of an impassable forest.  They were extremely tired of hunger, thirst and sleeplessness.    Yudhishtira spoke to Bhima “What else could be painful other than this destitution?  We are in the middle of dense forest. We are utterly miserable without the knowledge of routes.  We are unaware about the news of wicked Purochan.  How did we protect ourselves from the sight of others? Oh! Bhima, you are the powerful and fast amongst us, so carry us on your shoulder and precede the journey.  Bhima carried his mother on his shoulder, brothers on his arms and waist after listening to Yudhishtira and continued their journey promptly.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Pandvas arrival on the other side of river Ganga !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “In the meantime, Vidura who was highly intellectual and extremely vigilant was aware of the deceitful plan of Duryodhana, send a virtuous and faithful servant to the woodland in search of Pandavas.  He met Pandavas along with their mother in a particular place in the middle of the dense forest, where Pandavas were observing the depth of Ganga.  The man arrived on the banks of Ganga with a fully equipped ferry and informed Pandavas.  The ferry was built with efficient means capable to survive at any circumstances and in any climatic conditions.  The ferry man wanted to reveal his identify as the sincere servant of Vidura appointed by him, ferry man spoke “Oh! Yudhishtira, I was assigned by the scholarly Vidura, he wanted to narrate the following words to you to prove my identity.  Who eat straws/Lord Agni, who melts the snow/Lord Surya cannot burn the creature/mice living in a hollow in the woodland, and whoever has the knowledge of the same will protect themselves from the evils.  Kindly accept me as the sincere servant send by Vidura.  Oh! Son of Kunthi, Vidura wanted to convey a message to you, that you will definitely conquer Karna, Duryodhana and his brothers & his uncle Shakuni in the battle.  This ferry is eagerly waiting for you and will help you to leave this part of area.”   The ferry man took Pandavas and their mother in to his boat; they were extremely depressed at the dreadful happenings.  Ultimately, the ferry crossed the vast ocean of life Ganga and safely arrived on the other side.  The ferry man bade farewell to them by pronouncing ‘Victories to all’ and returned to his place.
The honorable sons of Pandu conveyed their message to Vidura and quickly preceded further deep into the woodlands.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Adi Parvam !! Bhima set fire to the Palace of Wax !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “ Purochan was extremely delightful to watch Pandavas living peacefully with no apprehension about the Palace of Wax for an year, in this way Purochana was completely bamboozled by Pandavas.  The righteous Yudhishtira spoke to Bhima, Arjun, Nakula & Sahadeva ’  I think the appropriate time has arrived to get away from this Palace of Wax, devious Purochan was completely duped by us.  We will set fire on the store house of armaments and the living place of Purochan, and at that moment we six people can easily flee from this place without anyone’s knowledge.”
Rishi Vaishampayana continued “ Oh! King Janamejaya, one day night a mass feast was organized by Kunthi and fed number of Brahmins and their families.  It was a grand occasion; many families and women were arrived and took great pleasure in that grand feast, eventually returned to their homes.  It was the absolute game of fate; one Nishadha/hunter woman who was travelling with her five children arrived to attend the feast, they very much enjoyed the feast and lost their conscious due to the excessive consumption of intoxicated drinks.  Eventually, Nishadha woman and her five children were drifted to sound sleep.  In those dark hours, a tumultuous storm broke out while people inside the palace were fast asleep.  Bhima set fire to the house where Purochana was living with his family, then the grand doors of the palace and various places of the Palace was caught in huge fire.  The valorous sons of Pandu, destroyer of enemies watched the mammoth sized fire engulfed the Palace and heaved a sigh of relief.   In no time, they entered in the mouth of the tunnel to find their ways out.  The people of Varanavarth got out from their sound sleep witnessing the giant fire gulping down the Palace of Wax.  They were sunk into deep grief and spoke “It was the disruptive plan of Purochan at the instruction of his evil master Duryodhana, he constructed a palace of wax with an depraved intention to kill the relatives of Duryodhana.  It’s shameful to watch the selfish and merciless act of Dhrutharashtra, he always treated sinless sons of Pandu as his enemy and burnt them into ashes.   It’s painful to watch the righteous and sinless sons of Pandu die in the gigantic fire; it was the fate that killed the callous Purochan too.”
Rishi Vaishampayana narrates “  The people of Varanavarth were inconsolable, sunk into unfathomable sorrow at the untoward happenings to Pandavas.  They cried their out heart out watching the colossal fire.  In the meantime, Pandavas safely got out of the tunnel with their mother Kunthi and disappeared into the woodlands.  They were tired of sleeplessness and extreme fright could not keep a good pace of their journey.  At this moment, Bhima took all his brothers and mother on his shoulder and flee to the woods.  Vrukodhar/Bhima who has powerful arms, carried his mother on his shoulder, two younger brothers Nakula and Sahadeva on his waist, Arjun and Yudhishtira on his arms and moved like a wind through the woods, on his way he thrashed down the huge trees with his chest and embossed foot print created hollow on the Earth.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!